Legal translation

Legal translation

Translation of any legal documents, for example, passports, attorney letters, certificates requires ultimate attention and should be of the best quality possible which we can provide. We offer legal translation for customers from Moscow, Chelyabinsk and other regions in Russia and all over the world. We are ready to offer a comfortable option based upon your expenditure.

languages we work with for 1 month
websites translated for a month
translation quality index
foreign words are translated for a month

We check both the form and content beauty

Translation in all languages also includes editing, proof-reading, layout to make the translation look exactly as the original file

Area-specific translation

A specialist is selected with the account of the professional area specific nature — for business / IT / STEM

We find the best specialists in your location

Arrangement of transportation and excursions and translation assistance in 105 world states

Experience in working with top officials

Experience in arranging interpretation/translation for the events attended by regional top officials, regional and federal authorities.

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