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    If you want to study in Russia, you will need to submit certified document translations in Russian to apply for study and enrol at the university.

    You can order online a translation at our agency and get certified documents translated in Russian within 1-3 days. The translation of documents will be made by a skilled translator and certified by a licensed notary in Russia.

    We translate all documents necessary for entering a university!

    Why should you choose our agency?

    We do certified translations of all documents necessary for  entering Russian universities:

    High-quality translation

    First, documents are translated by professional translators, and further the translations are proof-read.


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    Short terms of work

    You will get the translation within 1-3 days.

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    Licensed notaries in Russia

    Translations are certified by licensed Russian notaries that is why they will be accepted in the Russian embassies abroad and in the Russian universities.
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    No mistakes

    If the mistake is found in the translation, it will be corrected at our expense.


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    How you can get certified translation

    We will send a certified translation via e-mail: as the application to Russian universities is submitted online the e-copies of the document translation will be accepted without any issue.

    The translation originals will be kept in our office in Moscow. If you enter the university in Moscow you will be able to get the documents from our office. In case you study in other Russian city, by your request we will send you the original translation by mail  in the territory of Russia to you personally or to the international department of your university.


    Ypu can pay for document translation online by a bank card using one of the following payment systems:

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